FBI Sent Email Hours Before Twitter Banned Hunter Biden Laptop Story

In December, the “Twitter Files” were released, revealing the decisions made by Twitter to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story in October of 2020. Among the most interesting discoveries was an email sent to Twitter’s Yoel Roth from FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan. The email contained 10 documents sent through Teleporter, a one-way communications channel from the FBI to Twitter.

The timing of this email and the subsequent censoring of the Hunter Biden story just hours later has raised many eyebrows. It is unclear what was included in these 10 documents, but it is obvious that something was going on behind the scenes.

The NY Post story dropped the next day and was censored within hours, as reported by Michael Shellenberger. He also confirmed that this was not “Russian Propaganda”, as the media falsely claimed.

It is deeply concerning that the FBI was involved in censoring a news story that could have been damaging to then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. This raises questions about the FBI’s involvement in the 2020 election and their willingness to interfere with the free press. It is also concerning that Twitter was willing to comply with the FBI’s requests to censor the story without any explanation or justification.

This incident is a stark reminder of how powerful Big Tech companies have become and how easily they can manipulate the news and public opinion. It is essential that we take steps to ensure that our news sources remain unbiased and free from government interference. We must also ensure that these companies are held accountable for their actions and that they are not allowed to censor stories without due process or justification.

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Written by Staff Reports

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