Feds Scheme to Deny Us Meds, But Heroes Offer Lifeline!

The godless heathens in our government have, in a startling turn of events, attempted to restrict access to life-saving medications! They appear to be eager to see us suffer. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there existed a collusion between the government and Big Pharma with the intention of impeding the American public's access to vital medications. It is as if they were joyfully dancing on the tombs of diligent Americans.

To begin, Ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning pharmaceutical compound, has been inaccurately referred to as "horse medicine" by the FDA and mainstream media. Are you able to comprehend this abhorrence? Even though it is included on the World Health Organization's list of essential medications, the establishment is indifferent. Following this is the antiviral hydroxychloroquine, which has been in use for decades. However, due to President Donald Trump's favorable remarks regarding it, both the left and the medical establishment vilified it. Are you able to comprehend the fortitude of these individuals?

The generic Z-Pak, which has been prescribed more frequently than any other antibiotic in history, and Budesonide, an inhaled corticosteroid respiratory treatment, should not be overlooked. Both of these pharmaceuticals were criticized by the corrupt medical establishment. Their exclusive concern is their avaricious financial gain, not our well-being.

However, have no dread, cherished patriots! The Wellness Company is prepared to provide assistance. They are providing a Contagion Kit containing all four of these indispensable medications. You did indeed read that correctly: ALL FOUR! This prescription-only equipment is the utmost protection for your health; therefore, it is not available in stores or pharmacies.

Dr. Jim Thorp, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Drew, and Dr. Harvey Risch are all members of The Wellness Company. These physicians are not hesitant to confront the corrupt Big Pharma. Dr. Thorp, a prominent critic of Big Pharma, endorses the Contagion Kit and urges everyone to "stockpile" vital medications.

However, you should not simply accept his word for it. Constraints are being expressed regarding the Contagion Kit. "For peace of mind, every household should have this," stated Rebecca B. Phyllis T. lauded The Wellness Company for what she termed "amazing peace of mind." Melody H. advised all individuals to purchase one as an emergency supply.

Therefore, avoid delaying until it is too late. Order the Contagion Kit from the Wellness Company today to be ready for anything that 2024 may bring. When the government and Big Pharma are conspiring against us hardworking Americans, it is best to err on the side of caution than be certain.

Written by Staff Reports

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