Fightback Begins: GOP Unveils Bill to Oust Chinese Communism from State Dept!

Tennessee Republican Rep. Mark Green, who is the head of the House Homeland Security Committee, is working to get the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) out of the State Department. To stop this, Rep. Green is introducing a bill called the "No CCP Consultants Act." This bill would stop the State Department from hiring consultants or consulting companies that have worked for a "adversarial government" in the past. These bills goes after the CCP and the Russian Federation as "covered entities."

Rep. Green talks about how important national security is and how the CCP is always trying to weaken it. He is sure that the State Department shouldn't work with advisers or companies that are connected to China's communist government in any way. As far as he goes, he says that keeping these advisers on is not only selfish but also dangerous.

The office of Rep. Green did not give out the names of the big consulting companies that this bill would affect, but it is clear that the bill would have big effects. By not letting the Secretary of State sign, renew, or extend contracts with these "covered entities," Rep. Green wants to protect private data, classified information, and the identities of millions of Americans.

There have been a lot of discussions about CCP impact in the United States in the House Homeland Security Committee. In September, Rep. Green and the committee asked the Biden administration to provide more records about Chinese nationals spying on highly sensitive U.S. sites, such as the White House, without permission. The bill from Rep. Green is a strong defense against any possible attack on the State Department.

Rep. Green is sure that letting the CCP or any other government advisers who are against the State Department work close to them would be very stupid, given how important the issues are. With the "No CCP Consultants Act," Rep. Green is defending against Chinese influence and making sure that national security stays a top concern.

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