Fisker Booted from NYSE: Biden’s EV Dream Crumbling?

In a stunning move that has the “green” electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts scratching their heads, Fisker, the EV maker, has been kicked off the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) due to its “abnormally low” stock price. With shares trading at less than a buck, the NYSE couldn’t take it anymore and decided to boot Fisker out of the prestigious stock exchange club. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt more than a dead battery on a cold winter’s night!

Now, Fisker isn’t exactly having a picnic lately. Not only are they getting the boot from the NYSE, but they also lost out on a big deal with a major automaker, rumored to be Nissan. You know it’s bad when even other car companies don’t want to play ball with you. And to top it all off, Fisker might default on some big loans because of this delisting mess. Double ouch! Maybe they should’ve stuck to making electric scooters instead.

But let’s face it, folks, the writing has been on the wall for a while now. Customers complaining, lawsuits flying around, federal investigations knocking at the door – it’s been a rough ride for Fisker. And let’s not forget the elephant in the room – quality issues. If you want folks to buy your electric cars, they better not break down faster than a squirrel on a racetrack.

And speaking of electric cars, let’s talk about the big elephant outside on the charging station. The Biden administration is pushing these electric vehicles like they’re the next sliced bread. But guess what? Americans just ain’t buying it. Sure, EV sales are creeping up, but they’re still a tiny speck in the car market. Without those fat government subsidies, EVs would be collecting dust in car lots faster than you can say “recharge me, bro.”

So, where does this leave Fisker? Well, folks, it might be game over for them. Maybe they should’ve stuck to making electric lawnmowers instead. At least then they might’ve had a chance. Or maybe they could pivot to making electric pogo sticks. Hey, it’s a niche market, but it’s something! In the meantime, let’s all enjoy the show as Fisker gets charged up for their next big adventure.

Written by Staff Reports

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