Florida School Board Defies Leftist Agenda, Removes Racial Policy From Schools

By getting rid of its racial equity policy, the Florida school board stood up to the oppressive and wrong ideas of critical race theory. After George Floyd died in 2020, the policy was put in place to deal with "institutional racism" and make sure that racial equity guides what workers do to improve academic results. But the state Board of Education told the school district that the policy needs to change because it's not in line with the law. In answer, the school board in Indian River County voted unanimously to get rid of the policy.

It is important for schools to teach students of any race or gender that they can reach their goals with hard work and commitment. The state law that says schools can't teach that a person is racist, sexist, or abusive "by virtue of their race or sex" is meant to protect students from the harmful and divisive ideas of critical race theory.

Jennifer Pippin, president of the Moms for Liberty group in Indian River County, said that racism in their area is not a social, cultural, or educational problem. Instead, they have a problem with adult racist liberal assumptions. The goal of getting rid of the racial equity policy and replacing it with a "Safe, Respectful, and Inclusive Education" policy is to remove obstacles to a safe, rigorous learning environment and keep the focus on academic success.

Since 2020, schools all over the country have been using equity projects, which has helped spread critical race theory. For example, a school district in Pennsylvania spent thousands of dollars on a "equity audit" that rated how well the administration and teachers created an inclusive environment for students based on their race. We must stop this divisive idea from getting into our schools and making students feel like victims because of their race or gender.

Written by Staff Reports

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