Florida Sues Biden Admin Over Healthcare Rule

Florida is taking a stand against President Joe Biden’s administration for a new rule that aims to prevent discrimination in healthcare based on “gender identity” or “sexual orientation.” The Department of Health and Human Services recently released this rule, which is part of the Affordable Care Act and prohibits healthcare providers from denying care to patients because of their gender identity or sexual orientation if they receive federal funding.

Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody of Florida announced that the state has filed a lawsuit against the administration over this rule. She expressed concern that the rule could force Florida to violate its own laws, specifically those that prohibit doctors from performing sex-change procedures on minors. According to Moody, the Biden administration is trying to compel the state to pay for gender-transition treatments for children, bypassing Florida’s child protection laws.

Many states, including Florida, have passed laws banning sex-change medical procedures for minors. Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill in May 2023 that prohibits surgeries and the prescription of puberty blockers to minors. The lawsuit argues that healthcare providers who refuse to offer gender-transition interventions to minors could face repercussions if the new rule is enforced. Florida believes that this rule would infringe upon the state’s rights and exceed the limits of relevant legislation.

This news highlights the ongoing conflict between the federal government and states regarding healthcare policies. Conservatives argue that states should have the authority to make decisions regarding healthcare, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like gender identity and minors’ medical treatments. It will be interesting to see how this legal battle unfolds and whether other states will join Florida in challenging the Biden administration’s healthcare rules.

Written by Staff Reports

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