Met Gala Protest Turns Violent, WWI Memorial Defaced in NYC

The Met Gala protest led to further destruction as pro-terrorism rioters vandalized the 107th Infantry World War I memorial in New York City. The rioters defaced the memorial and raised a Hamas flag while burning an American flag at the site. The New York City Police Department is actively working to identify the individuals involved in the desecration of the memorial.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Kaz Daughtry, condemned the act as unacceptable behavior and emphasized that such actions would not be tolerated. He assured the public that the NYPD is committed to a thorough investigation to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions. Daughtry emphasized the significance of the memorial as a symbol of remembrance and honor for the sacrifices made by those who served the country and reiterated the NYPD’s dedication to upholding the law and ensuring justice prevails.

Law enforcement is on high alert as the school year concludes, with concerns about potential campus riots spilling into the streets. In Oregon, law enforcement vehicles have been targeted, and a domestic terrorist organization named “Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade” has claimed responsibility for torching 15 vehicles belonging to the Portland Police Department on May 1st. The organization’s statement signals a concerning trend of escalating violence and destruction by extremist groups.

The desecration of the 107th Infantry World War I memorial and the targeted attacks on law enforcement vehicles highlight the escalating threats posed by violent rioters and domestic terrorist organizations. The actions of these groups undermine the values of peace, respect for law and order, and the significance of memorializing the sacrifices made by those who served the country. It is crucial for law enforcement and the community to work together to ensure that such acts of vandalism and violence are swiftly addressed and that the individuals responsible are brought to justice.

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