Former GOP Lt. Gov Geoff Duncan Endorses Biden, Critiques Trump Era

Former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan recently announced that he would be voting for President Joe Biden in the upcoming election. This announcement came as a shock to many, given Duncan’s Republican background. In an op-ed published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Duncan expressed his disappointment with what he sees as a growing number of Republicans blindly following former President Donald Trump.

Duncan criticized prominent Republicans like U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Governor Chris Sununu, and former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr for standing by the “Republican ticket.” He went on to say that he would be voting for Biden, a candidate he may not agree with on policy, but who he sees as a decent person, as opposed to Trump, whom he referred to as a “criminal defendant without a moral compass.”

Duncan believes that the Republican Party will never be able to move forward until it distances itself from the Trump era. While revealing his intention to vote for Biden, he also emphasized the importance of electing GOP congressional majorities to serve as a check and balance on Biden’s legislative agenda.

In his op-ed, Duncan cites various reasons for his disapproval of Trump, including the hush money trial, the scheme to include fake slates of electors during the 2020 election, and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. He also pointed out what he sees as Trump’s shortcomings during his presidency, such as his handling of the pandemic and his controversial statements that fueled racial unrest.

Despite being considered as a possible candidate for No Labels, a bipartisan political organization, Duncan withdrew his name from consideration in March. His decision to publicly declare his support for Biden and critique Trump’s leadership highlights the division within the Republican Party, with some members willing to break ranks and support the opposing party’s candidate.

Written by Staff Reports

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