Former ICE Officials Ready to Take on Congress and Secure the Border!

Three former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are breaking free from the chains of bureaucracy and running for Congress to shake things up in Washington. Ron Vitiello, John Fabbricatore, and Victor Avila, all seasoned law enforcement professionals, are fed up with the way the Biden Administration is handling immigration enforcement and government spending. And who can blame them? With the surge of illegal immigration happening at our southern border, it’s clear that something needs to change.

Vitiello, a former acting ICE director, is running for the Senate in Virginia. He’s had enough of the current surge happening under the Biden Administration and is determined to make America safe again. Fabbricatore, who served as the chief of the Denver ICE office, is seeking a seat in the House of Representatives to represent Colorado’s 6th District. He’s seen firsthand the inefficiency and misuse of taxpayer dollars and wants to put a stop to it. And Avila, a retired special agent, is ready to take on the tough battles in Congress after facing off against the dangerous Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas.

These three candidates are not only concerned about immigration, but also about government spending. They believe that taxpayer dollars are being wasted and want to hold states accountable for offering incentives to illegal immigrants. They are calling on Congress to secure the border and focus on interior enforcement. After all, it’s Congress that controls the purse strings and can withhold funding until states get in line.

One of the key issues these candidates want to address is the abolishment of the disastrous catch and release policy. They are pushing for a return to the Migrant Protection Protocols, which was a successful policy implemented during the Trump era. They argue that Congress needs to take action and codify these protocols into law instead of relying on the courts.

It’s clear that these former ICE officials have the experience and determination to make a difference in Congress. They understand the challenges and dangers posed by illegal immigration and cartels. They know that tough actions need to be taken to secure the border and protect the American people. Let’s hope voters recognize their expertise and elect them to bring much-needed change to Washington.

Editorial Opinion: It’s refreshing to see law enforcement professionals stepping up to the plate and running for Congress. We need individuals who understand the realities of the immigration crisis and are willing to take a hard stance on border security. The Biden Administration has failed us in this regard, but these candidates are ready to bring their experience and expertise to the table. Let’s support them and demand that Congress finally takes action to fix the broken immigration system.

Written by Staff Reports

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