Former NBA Player Exposes Lebron James CCP Allegiance

A former member of the Boston Celtics has called out LeBron James for being a slave to China.

After surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabar in the NBA's record book, James was praised by fellow player and former Oklahoma City Thunder player, Enes Kanter, for his ties with China's Communist Party.

In response, Freedom posted a message on Twitter, where he referred to James' 38,388 points as a bow to China. Freedom also had zero values, principles, empathy, or morals.

During his rant, the former NBA player stated that he was the only athlete who would speak the truth.

People get mad when Freedom uses the truth, as he claims to be the only athlete who actually says the truth. He also stated that he doesn't care about endorsements, dirty money, or the shoes made by the SLAVE KIDS.

Freedom has been vocal about his criticism of James, as he criticized the NBA player for not speaking out against China's authoritarian regimes and human rights violations.

In 2018, Freedom became the first NBA player to publicly criticize the Chinese Communist Party. He also wore shoes that depicted an image of James placing a crown on his head, which was an allusion to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Nike, which James has made a huge amount of money from, was also criticized by Freedom, as he accused China of using slave labor in the production of its products.

According to Freedom, James is more concerned with making money than his principles, morals, and values. He claimed during an interview with Fox News that the NBA player doesn't care about human rights.

During his interview, Freedom claimed that James signed with a company that used sweatshops and slave labor in China. He said that he decided to expose this issue because he was hypocritical. He also claimed that the NBA player refuses to speak out against China's human rights violations.

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