Former Obama Fundraiser Backs Trump, Criticizes Biden’s Leadership and San Francisco Decline

A former Obama mega fundraiser has made a shocking pivot, now throwing her support behind President Donald Trump and slamming Joe Biden for being “asleep at the wheel.” Allison Huynh, a Silicon Valley progressive who once co-created a successful robotics and AI company, now believes that the Democrats have lost their path, especially evident in the deteriorating conditions of San Francisco.

Huynh expressed her disdain for Biden’s leadership, highlighting the issues of Big Tech dominance and rampant crime in San Francisco. She mentioned the lack of basic amenities like grocery stores and safe streets in a city that was once thriving. This dramatic shift comes from a lifelong Democrat who was deeply involved in fundraising for Obama’s 2008 campaign, even owning valuable campaign artwork.

Despite her previous allegiance to the left, Huynh now finds herself drawn to Trump’s personality and policies. She described Trump as light, funny, and engaging, contrasting sharply with her perception of Biden as out of touch and passive. Huynh’s disillusionment with the Democratic Party has reached a point where she plans to sell off her cherished Obama memorabilia, including the iconic “Hope” poster.

Her decision to support Trump reflects a growing trend of disillusioned Democrats turning towards the current administration. While one individual’s vote may not sway an election, it underscores the challenges facing Biden’s campaign as core supporters defect. Huynh’s outspoken critique of the current state of affairs in cities like San Francisco resonates with many Americans facing similar issues in urban environments across the country

Written by Staff Reports

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