Former US Army Colonel: WW3 Could be Knocking at Our Door

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, retired US Army colonel and government official Douglas Abbott expressed his concerns about the regional conflict between Israel and Iran. According to Abbott, this conflict is just a precursor to a major war with Iran, which could eventually turn into World War III. The Daily Fetched had previously reported on Iran’s threats against the US, following the terror attack conducted by their proxy army, Hamas, on Israel. Abbott highlighted that Iranian proxies have already attacked US troops in Syria and Iraq.

Abbott pointed out that the US doesn’t have the means to rapidly deploy a large force of troops in the region. Currently, the US is relying on special forces and special operations forces, but Abbott believes that this won’t be enough to make a significant impact. He mentioned a recent incident where US and Israeli Special Ops forces were shot at and suffered heavy losses during a mission in Gaza. Ultimately, Abbott doesn’t see this conflict as a win for Israel.

Carlson also asked Abbott about concerns regarding terrorism in the US due to the ongoing conflict and the threat of World War III. Abbott stated that these concerns are indeed valid. He highlighted the issue of illegal migration and the lack of knowledge about who is in the country. Abbott expressed that neither Homeland Security nor anyone else can accurately identify everyone in the country. He also mentioned the presence of Hamas and Hezbollah in Mexico, with Hezbollah being the stronger and better equipped of the two. This leads Abbott to believe that US infrastructure could be at risk, and he warned that something similar to or even worse than 9/11 could happen.

Adding to the tension in the Middle East, President Joe Biden has recently threatened China, an ally of Iran, with war in order to defend the Philippines. The United States has pledged military support to the Philippines and invoked their mutual defense treaty. This has signaled a significant escalation on the part of the US. While the ongoing conflict in the Middle East is concerning enough, Biden’s statement has raised tensions even further between the US and China.

Editorial Opinion:
This interview with Douglas Abbott raises some alarming points. The threat of a major war with Iran and the potential for it to escalate into World War III is a terrifying prospect. It’s disheartening to hear that the US doesn’t have the means to quickly deploy a large force to tackle this conflict. Special forces can only do so much, and as we’ve seen, they can suffer heavy losses. This situation does not bode well for Israel, and it’s unfortunate that they may not come out as winners in all of this.

Abbott’s concerns about terrorism in the US are also valid. The issue of illegal migration and the lack of knowledge about who is in our country is deeply troubling. It’s shocking to think that no one in Homeland Security can provide accurate information about everyone within our borders. The presence of Hamas and Hezbollah in Mexico poses a direct threat to US infrastructure. We must take this situation seriously and ensure that we have strong border security measures in place.

Furthermore, President Biden’s threat to China in defense of the Philippines is a risky move. The United States must tread carefully when dealing with such powerful nations. Escalating tensions between the US and China only add to the already overwhelming global challenges we face. It’s imperative that our leaders approach international relations with caution and prioritize peace and diplomacy over military confrontation.

Written by Staff Reports

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