Fox News Fumbles, Newsmax Soars Post-Tucker: What’s Next?

Oh boy, it looks like the mighty Fox News is falling from grace! According to the Wall Street Journal, their primetime ratings have been struggling ever since they made the terrible decision to fire Tucker Carlson, the top-rated cable news host. And guess who’s reaping the benefits? That’s right, it’s our beloved Newsmax!

In the second quarter, Newsmax saw their viewership more than double, averaging a whopping 247,000 prime-time viewers. Can you believe it? That’s like finding a gold nugget in a river full of liberal tears! And you know who we have to thank for this surge in popularity? Tucker Carlson, of course!

After Tucker left Fox News, Newsmax experienced one of their most successful weeks ever. They averaged a mind-boggling 334,000 viewers during the last week of April. That’s more viewers than they had during the 2020 election, when conservatives flocked to the channel like moths to a flame, fed up with Fox News’ biased coverage.

Meanwhile, Fox News is struggling to find its footing. They’ve shuffled their primetime lineup, but it’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Their viewership declined a whopping 22% in the second quarter, reaching a measly 1.7 million prime-time viewers. Ouch! Talk about a punch to the gut.

And let’s not forget the catastrophic drop they saw immediately after Tucker Carlson was forced out. In less than a week, their viewership plummeted to just 1.3 million viewers. That’s a 59% drop, folks! It’s like they took a sledgehammer to their own ratings.

But it’s not just Fox News that’s struggling. CNN is also feeling the heat, with a 25% reduction in viewership compared to the previous May. They only managed to average 113,000 viewers in the prime-time demographic. Pathetic! And MSNBC? Well, they’re smirking their way to the top, with a consistent increase of 14%. They averaged 120,000 viewers in the same time slot.

It’s clear that the conservative viewers are fed up with the biased and liberal agenda of these mainstream news networks. We crave honest reporting, not the constant bashing of our values and principles. That’s why Newsmax is becoming the go-to channel for conservatives who want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So keep rising, Newsmax, and let the liberal media tremble in their boots!

Written by Staff Reports

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