From Family to Inmate: Hunter Biden Bails on Former Friend!

Hunter Biden is trying a new tactic to distance himself from his former friend and business partner, Devon Archer. He has resorted to calling him “inmate” in an effort to downplay their past association. It seems that Biden’s legal and public relations strategy is to throw Archer under the bus and distance himself from any wrongdoings.

Archer, who was convicted for his involvement in a tribal bond scheme, provided damning testimony to the House Oversight Committee last summer. In an attempt to discredit Archer, Biden’s attorney described him as “an inmate” in a letter to the committee. However, it appears that Archer has not yet reported for prison, so technically he is not an inmate.

Despite Biden’s attempt to distance himself, there is evidence to suggest that he was more involved in his family’s shady overseas business dealings than he claims. Archer’s closed-door testimony before the Oversight Committee revealed that Joe Biden attended dinners with Hunter’s business associates, including one where an executive from the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings was present.

During a Burisma board meeting in Dubai, Hunter was asked to make a call to D.C. to seek help in dealing with pressure from Ukrainian prosecutors. While Archer was not privy to the details of the call, it is significant that just five days later, Joe Biden demanded the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating potential corruption at Burisma.

These revelations cast doubt on Joe Biden’s repeated claims of not being involved in his son’s business dealings. As Hunter prepares to testify before the House Oversight Committee, his legal team is clearly attempting to discredit Archer, who may have valuable information that could further implicate the Bidens.

Written by Staff Reports

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