Furious Jill Cracks Whip as Bumbling Biden Blunders Big Time

In the latest shocking news, First Lady Jill Biden was reportedly fuming mad at White House aides after they let President Joe Biden loose at a press conference in 2022. Oh boy, it seems like Uncle Joe really dropped the ball this time!

According to an excerpt from the book American Woman, Jill Biden’s past run-ins with aides shed some light on her husband’s disastrous speech on Thursday night. The poor soul couldn’t stop making factual errors and went on rambling for nearly two hours. Yikes! When the first lady saw what was going down, she stormed into the room and demanded answers. “Why didn’t anyone stop that?” she barked at the aides, and rightfully so!

During this impromptu press conference, President Biden mixed up the presidents of Egypt and Mexico, forgot the name of the church where his son got a rosary, and couldn’t even speak straight. It’s like they let the senile president off the leash for a little bit, and this is what happens! And things have only gone downhill since then, folks. Biden’s cognitive skills are slipping faster than a greased pig on a water slide!

It’s clear as day that the Democrats need to come up with a plan B because if folks were worried about Biden’s health before, they’re hitting the panic button now, no doubt about it. But leave it to the lefties to downplay the whole fiasco, trying to spin Biden’s age as some kind of “accomplishment,” as if age is a merit badge or something! Even twice failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had to concede that Biden’s age is a “legitimate issue.” And yet, she’s still out here trying to prop the old boy up, talking about him “leaning into” his years of experience. Please!

And if that wasn’t enough, Biden is catching heat for skipping the traditional Super Bowl interview that presidents usually do. Democrat strategist James Carville even had to call it like it is, saying not participating in the interview is a “sign” that the staff and the president lack confidence. Preach, James!


Written by Staff Reports

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