Schiff Smears Prosecutor to Shield Biden from Scandal

Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, appeared on the liberal news program “Inside” and launched into a tirade against Special Counsel Robert Hur, claiming that Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents was nothing but political hackery. Schiff, a former federal prosecutor, raged that Hur couldn’t make a legal case against Biden, so he resorted to making a political one instead. Schiff went on to say that Hur’s actions were deliberate, willful, and damaging to Biden, and that if Hur were a line prosecutor, he would have been disciplined or fired for his politically motivated actions.

Schiff’s comments were a prime example of the political bias and partisanship that has come to define the modern Democratic Party. Instead of addressing the real issues at hand, Schiff chose to attack a respected prosecutor and tarnish his reputation with baseless accusations of political manipulation. It’s clear that the Democrats will stop at nothing to protect their own, even if it means casting aside the principles of justice and fairness.

It’s no surprise that Schiff’s comments were met with applause from the liberal anchor, Jen Psaki, who eagerly egged him on to further bash Hur’s report. The biased and one-sided nature of the conversation only serves to highlight the deep-seated partisan divide that has infected the liberal media and the Democratic Party. Instead of fostering an open and fair debate, the left chooses to attack and discredit anyone who doesn’t toe their ideological line. It’s a sad state of affairs when even a respected prosecutor like Robert Hur becomes a target of their political wrath.

In the end, it’s clear that Adam Schiff’s comments are nothing more than another desperate attempt by the Democrats to cover up the failings of their chosen leaders. Instead of facing the facts and addressing the serious allegations against President Biden, they resort to baseless attacks and name-calling. It’s a sorry state of affairs when political hackery becomes the norm for the left, but unfortunately, it’s all too common in today’s hyper-partisan political landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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