Biden Bumbles Bidenomics, Admits Game Day Snacks are Too Pricey!

In a flagrant act of propaganda, President Joe Biden’s White House is attempting to blame rising prices on everyone except for the president himself. In a social media post released on Sunday, Biden tried to shift the blame onto businesses for implementing a tactic known as “shrinkflation.” According to Biden, companies are shrinking products little by little, hoping that consumers won’t notice. He even went as far as using the all-caps word “SHRINKFLATION” to emphasize his point.

While Biden’s tone in the video was slightly less offensive than his recent jaw-dropping news conference, it is important to note that this video was not an impromptu statement. It was a carefully produced piece, likely vetted by political advisers. Yet, despite the effort put into its creation, the video turned out to be utterly inane.

Biden conveniently forgot to mention his own role in the economic downturn. This is the same president who absurdly claimed during his news conference that he had “put this country back on its feet.” Additionally, Bidenomics, a term he was so fond of just a few months ago, was noticeably absent from the video. Instead, he chose to vilify big businesses and their alleged greed. However, it is clear that “Bidenomics” is responsible for the inflation woes currently facing the American people.

The American public is tired of being played for fools, and they are growing increasingly weary of Biden himself. He had previously used his White House video to claim that “Bidenomics” was the answer to their prosperity, but now he wants to place the blame on corporate greed. Perhaps if he had agreed to the Super Bowl interview, he could have spread his message even further. However, the argument he put forth in the video is both transparent and absurd. It is not “shrinkflation” that is haunting Americans, but rather, the disastrous effects of “Bidenomics.”

“Bidenomics” is a word that hangs over the country, much like the dread that must be felt by Biden’s staff every time he speaks. It is the true issue that Biden was condemning in the Super Bowl video, not “shrinkflation.” And it is this word that will ultimately define his presidency.

Written by Staff Reports

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