Gang Brags About Murders on YouTube: The Shocking Rise of Liberal Crime Culture

In Philadelphia, some of the murder suspects who were featured in a YouTube video talked about their heinous crimes. The DA's office announced that these individuals, who are all identified as gang members, have been charged with various offenses.

The four men, who appeared in the videos, were not only interested in getting attention for their crimes, but they also didn't respect the law. Instead of maintaining a peaceful environment, they turned to social media to connect with their followers.

As indicated by District Attorney Larry Krasilner, the rise in crime is unsurprising given the increasing number of crimes. One particular type of crime that has become more prevalent is performance crime. Vehicle theft has become an alarming issue, with thousands of cars being targeted due to viral videos that show how cars can be vulnerable.

It is heartbreaking to see that these businesses have been damaged as a result of the wave of violence and crime that stemmed from a culture that encourages lawlessness.

In another instance of performance crime, a group of young men were captured on camera as they entered the homes of unsuspecting individuals while filming their reactions. It's a frightening act that's becoming more common. According to one of the men, they decided to enter the houses to get their kicks. They didn't respect the privacy of the people inside.

The cost of demonizing the police is significant. Liberal activists use terms such as "villains" to describe officers, making it harder for law-abiding individuals to acquire weapons, while also fostering a culture of violence. Despite their claims to be fighting against gun violence, these individuals are actually harming the citizens by implementing policies that lead to more crime and less justice.

It's time for people to stand up and demand that the government take action to stop the crime epidemic by implementing more effective measures to promote law and order. Society should not be tolerating the glorification of violent criminals, and the innocent victims of these crimes should not be forgotten.

Source: Townhall


Written by Staff Reports

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