AOC Booed at Town Hall: Outraged Citizens Slam Her Elitist Agenda & Border Stance

Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, also known as AOC, was met with a chorus of boos during a New York City town hall. Attendees were not pleased with her unreliable stance on the border crisis, the impending debt ceiling issue, and the misuse of millions of U.S. dollars sent to Ukraine. They were unimpressed with her behavior that regularly puts the interests of the elites before those of ordinary Americans.

The crowd had had enough as they expressed their frustration at AOC’s unwavering support for illegal immigration and her unrealistic proposals on the crisis on the southern border. One man shouted at her, “American citizens before migrants,” holding a small American flag. He also went on to call her a “piece of s—t” due to her refusal to put the interests of the public before those of illegal migrants.

AOC’s misleading claims and her warped descriptions of what is happening at the border and Ukraine, where millions of dollars are being sent, further infuriated the audience. The Biden-Harris administration’s failure to fix the border crisis was an added point of frustration for the audience, with AOC’s claims of concentration camps for illegal immigrants being a particular sore point.

Attendees also expressed discontent over AOC’s policies, such as supporting the “drag queen story hour”, and her careless spending habits. One of the attendees pointed out how the representative was okay with sending a whopping $100 billion to Ukraine, which is staggering in itself. After the hecklers were escorted out of the town hall by security, another person shouted out loud, “Freedom of speech!”

It’s clear from this resounding reception that AOC’s partisan views are no longer resonating with New Yorkers. It appears that such policies can only appeal to a select group of elites, not the average American. It is time for elected representatives like AOC to pay attention to the people they serve instead of pursuing their own agenda. It is essential to put American citizens first before any other interests.

Written by Staff Reports

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