Rep. Donalds Slams GOP for Caving to Biden on Memorial Day

Congressman Byron Donalds called for House Republicans to reject the McCarthy-Biden debt ceiling deal during a press conference. Angry at the sneaky timing being used whilst Americans were celebrating Memorial Day, he said this deal would only increase debt without any real changes. This bill does not put a cap on the debt and in reality we do not know what the final number will be. Some guesses range up to a shocking five trillion dollars.

Donalds pointed out that Republicans previously stated they would return spending to pre-coronavirus levels. However, the McCarthy-Biden deal does not achieve this goal. It keeps the Biden administration’s policies and spending intact. Donalds urged Republican colleagues to stand up to these politics, keep the Green New Deal initiatives rolled back and not to fund weaponized federal agencies.

The congressman questioned if Republicans should be ecstatic about cutting a mere 12 billion dollars in return for four trillion dollars of debt. He urged politicians to consider this when they are making their voting decisions.

Donalds then called on other Republican politicians to follow his lead and reject the deal. He warned them that their constituents would be unhappy if they voted for a bill that upheld all of Joe Biden’s policies and raised the debt ceiling.

Donalds’s sentiments were echoed by other Freedom Caucus members, who argued that no Republican should validate, affirm, or take ownership of Biden’s agenda. Whereas, a few House Republicans who do not always align with the Freedom Caucus announced they would be voting ‘no’ on the agreement, while others are in favor.

It’s very likely that Democrats will unite in their support for the bill. Nonetheless, it is very disheartening to see that so many conservatives are expected to vote in favor of Biden’s plans. Perhaps they should heed the warnings of Byron Donalds and reconsider what’s really best for America.

Source: Trending Politics

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