REPORT: Kohl’s and Target Funding LGBT Group’s Radical Gender Ideology in Schools

Target and Kohl's, two of the nation's largest children's retailers, have contributed to a controversial LGBT organization that promotes gender ideology in schools. The group, known as GLSEN, encourages teachers to support students' gender transition efforts and keep their identities secret from parents.

They advocate for the inclusion of LGBT examples and language in all subjects, including math. They also support the participation of transgender youth in athletic teams.

In response to Kohl's decision to sell kids' apparel with pride-themed slogans, many people have called for a boycott. Target has also faced backlash for selling similar products. These stores are trying to appeal to certain groups of customers, but they are alienating others by doing so.

Is it ethical for companies to support an activist group that promotes controversial ideas that target impressionable kids? The idea of keeping parents in the dark about important matters is very concerning and could threaten their child's well-being. It is also wrong for these establishments to donate to groups that support divisive political and social agendas.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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