Gas Prices Leap Again as Hunter Biden’s Woes Grow Slower

Gas prices are rising faster than Hunter Biden’s legal troubles, with the average price for a gallon of regular gas hitting $3.494 on Wednesday. That’s a spike of over 4 cents in just two days, courtesy of the always efficient powers-that-be. It’s the third consecutive day of price hikes, proving consistency is key, if nothing else.

On Tuesday, the price was $3.469, and on Monday, it was $3.448. In contrast, a week ago, it was nearly stagnant at $3.449. A month ago, when the gas gods were slightly more merciful, the cost was $3.593 per gallon. Go back a year, and the price was $3.573, highlighting that these numbers seem to jump around more than a liberal at a book burning.

California takes the cake—or maybe the lump of coal—for the most expensive gas in the country, with drivers shelling out $4.811 per gallon. Meanwhile, Mississippi sits quietly at the other end of the spectrum, with the price at a relatively sane $2.934. It’s quite the juxtaposition when the state with the cheapest gas decides to rip off the Band-Aid, increasing prices overnight, while California enjoys a momentary breather as their prices ever-so-slightly dip.

Gas prices are playing a bizarre state-to-state hopscotch these days. Washington, D.C. averaged $3.666 on Wednesday, proving that even in the heart of politics, there’s no escape from the climbing bills. Prices inch up and down with all the grace of a drunk uncle at Thanksgiving, as Tuesday’s price hovered around $3.661. A week ago, D.C. motorists were paying $3.67. Clearly, the nation’s capital is trying to give the rest of the country a run for its money.

Jumping over to Maryland, Wednesday saw gas prices at $3.507, a slight drop from Tuesday and Monday. It’s still a tad cheaper than a week ago, but not enough to make anyone in Annapolis throw a parade. Gas prices there seem to be participating in a slow-mo limbo contest, lowering just enough to keep folks guessing.

Virginia’s gas prices decided to play hard to get, averaging $3.33 on Wednesday. That’s an uptick from Tuesday’s price but still not as bad as a month ago. Delaware also played the modest game with prices dipping to $3.443 from earlier in the week. Pennsylvania and New Jersey, ever the overachievers, raised some eyebrows with Pennsylvania hitting $3.637 while New Jersey stayed steady at $3.368.

It’s a rollercoaster ride, one where the ticket price goes up every day, and Americans are just along for the ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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