Gascon Clings to Power: LA’s Divisive DA Defies Odds in Primary Win

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has emerged as the victor in the primary race, despite facing opposition to his progressive agenda. His success in the runoff vote paves the way for a head-to-head battle against former Attorney General Nathan Hochman in November, where Angelenos will have the chance to weigh in on Gascon’s lenient criminal penalties and other liberal policies.

With a whopping 11 candidates in the mix, the race was like a crowded clown car, but Gascon managed to secure a solid one-fifth of the support. Hochman, who finished in second place, wasted no time in calling out Gascon’s approach, declaring on social media that “three-quarters of Angelenos rejected George Gascon.” He’s ready to take a stand against what he sees as a dangerous era of coddling criminals.

Gascon took the reins as Los Angeles district attorney in 2020, riding the wave of liberal criminal justice reforms sweeping through blue cities. He unseated incumbent Jackie Lacey, who had come under fire for her cozy relationship with the police union and reluctance to hold officers accountable for their actions. Gascon made it clear that he was no fan of California’s tough-on-crime laws from the ’90s, arguing that they did nothing to make the public safer.

During his 2020 campaign, Gascon made some bold promises, vowing not to seek the death penalty, refraining from charging juveniles as adults, and pledging to prosecute law enforcement officers who kill suspects. But as he settled into his new role, his policies faced fierce backlash, leading to not one, but two recall attempts. However, unlike his counterpart in San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, Gascon managed to hold on to his position despite the surge in violent and property crimes on his watch.

And that, folks, is the latest scoop on the rollercoaster ride that is George Gascon’s time as Los Angeles district attorney. Will his progressive approach continue to hold sway over the City of Angels, or will voters demand a change of course come November? Stay tuned as this drama-packed saga unfolds!

Written by Staff Reports

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