Gavin Newsom’s Banking Scheme EXPOSED

Liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom has seemingly manipulated the American banking system to benefit his own business interests, according to reports. While making an announcement praising the bailout of the Silicon Valley Bank, Newsom failed to disclose his financial interests in three wineries and a $100,000 donation to his wife’s charity, California Partners Project. As a multimillionaire who refused to sell his companies when asked during his 2018 campaign for governor, Newsom only established a blind trust for his business after taking office. Newsom’s lack of transparency and self-centered actions certainly do not put the American people first.

Despite his devious tactics, Newsom still had the audacity to thank the Biden administration for their swift actions to protect the economy and banking system. However, his lack of support of President Trump and constant criticism of conservative values prove that he is unfit to make such bold statements. California has been plagued by crime, homelessness, and rising living costs under Newsom’s rule, and it’s clear that his only concern is serving himself and not the people he represents.

As a businessman before becoming a politician, Newsom clearly values his financial interests over the wellbeing of the American people. His refusal to sell his companies highlighted his lack of commitment to public service, and his recent actions only reinforce the idea that he is not fit to govern. The moral decline of California can be blamed on leaders like Newsom, who prioritize their own wealth and disregard the needs of the people. It’s time for a change in leadership, and the American people deserve better than the corrupt and selfish Gavin Newsom.

Written by Staff Reports

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