Georgia DA’s Trump Takedown Teeters as Bias Claims Boil!

The recent weeks have been rough for Fulton County DA Fani Willis (D) as her case against the former and soon-to-be great-again President Donald Trump seems to be falling apart like a house of cards at a toddler’s birthday party. The Washington Post spilled the tea that Judge Scott McAfee, who’s in charge of the case, has set a hearing for February 15 about allegations that Willis may have had some hush-hush relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade. She’s got until February 2 to come up with a decent response in writing, or she’ll be in more hot water than a lobster in a jacuzzi.

A report came out that claims Willis hired Wade to lead the case against Trump and his band of merry co-defendants for their shenanigans during the 2020 election. And one of the co-defendants, Michael Roman, is trying to get off the hook. There are also whispers about Willis cozying up with Democrats to charge Trump and some shady business with funds. Members of Congress like House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Reps. Cory Mills (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are all over this like ants on a dropped popsicle.

Willis has been keeping mum about the allegations, but she did find time to chit-chat about race at the Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta, Georgia. She even took a swipe at Greene! The stuff she said about hiring other prosecutors, like John Floyd, is also being questioned. She’s claiming she paid them all the same, but according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation, Floyd got the short end of the stick.

The Washington Post even mentioned that “Willis has declined to directly address the explosive accusations. McAfee’s order appears to be forcing her to do so in televised court proceedings, a development that could at the least be embarrassing for the district attorney and at worst derail the investigation completely.” Yikes!

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s more drama! An earlier report highlighted how polls continue to show Trump leading in the state in a hypothetical rematch with President Joe Biden. Looks like Georgia Democrats are in more trouble than a bull in a china shop.


Written by Staff Reports

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