Georgia Leftists Arrested After Trying To Burn Down ‘Cop City’

Leftist groups claim that right-wing patriot and militia members are violent, but what about leftist groups that burn pro-life centers, torch police stations, target elected officials and officers, and attack neighborhoods? Yea, something doesn't add up with their narrative, as another leftist militant was just arrested in Georgia on domestic terrorism charges.

For a long time now, leftist groups have been organizing open occupations in various cities across the country. These actions have caused a lot of damage and caused multiple deaths of police officers. They also tried to assassinate a Supreme Court justice.

The Washington Examiner reports that the governor of Georgia criticized a group of militant activists who were charged with domestic terrorism.

The GBI arrested five radical leftists at a training facility that's called "the cop city" by activists in Atlanta. Besides explosive devices, they were also found camping in the area.

In his statement, the governor accused the activists of various crimes, such as carjacking and arson. Kemp's condemnation of the group is his first mention of the incident.

In his statement, Kemp thanked the various law enforcement agencies that worked together to arrest the activists. He also stated that the criminals who were occupying the site of the training facility would not be the last ones to be apprehended. The only way to address the issue of violence and intimidation is by swiftly and thoroughly justice.

According to the release, the suspects are part of a militant network that has carried out similar domestic terrorism activities across the country. They have no regard for the communities they have affected. In response to the issue of domestic terrorism, Kemp stated that the state would not tolerate such activities and that the law enforcers would not hesitate to take down those who would try to carry out violent acts in the state. He also vowed to continue to fight against these groups.

The protests near the proposed training facility have been going on for months. The area has been left with burned cars and numerous aggressive acts.
According to the FBI, the area has been the site of numerous violent incidents, such as attacks on public safety officials and carjacking. Last Saturday, according to local news outlet WXIA, firefighters were attacked by people throwing objects at them while they were fighting a dumpster fire.

The Republican Party of Georgia has been strangely silent when it comes to addressing the issue of domestic terrorism. A spokesperson for a local environmental group stated that the destruction of the forest was worse than the destruction of other properties. This shows the mindset of those in charge, who are allegedly leading an organized militant campaign to attack law enforcers in the area.

If these types of violent acts were carried out by Republicans, the story would be on the front page of newspapers across the country. Instead, the leftist media is reporting on an act of domestic terrorism carried out by left-wing extremists. In addition to bombs, the suspects were also equipped with camouflage and trip wires.

The national media has to do something about this, as it is clear that under Trump, the terrorists would be out of the forest in about 10 seconds.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on NEXT.

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