Georgia Student Slain by Deported Criminal: Biden’s Border Blunder to Blame?

In a staggering and heartbreaking turn of events, a 22-year-old University of Georgia nursing student, Laken Riley, was brutally murdered allegedly by an illegal immigrant with a track record of arrests and criminal citations. This isn’t just a tragedy, folks. It’s an outright atrocity that should never have happened in the first place. This whole nightmare could and should have been prevented if it weren’t for a massive failure of ‘progressive’ policies every step of the way.

As mind-boggling as it is, the suspect, a Venezuelan national named Jose Antonio Ibarra, managed to slip into the United States illegally in 2022 during President Biden’s border crisis. Yes, you heard that right. He entered through the southern border like it was no big deal. And to make matters worse, he was among the millions of unlawful migrants who were released into the United States by the current administration. Unbelievable.

And that’s not even the half of it. Just a year later, this same man was arrested in New York City on multiple charges, but, get this, he was released before any serious consequences could catch up with him. So, what does he do next? He packs up and moves to Georgia, where he received a citation for shoplifting in the Athens area not long after his New York escapade. And did he face any real consequences for that either? Nope. He was simply ordered to appear at a future court date, and surprise, surprise, he never showed. A bench warrant was eventually issued for his arrest, but it was too little, too late.

This whole saga of lawlessness and leniency finally came to a horrifying climax when this shady character allegedly took the life of an innocent young woman. Absolutely gut-wrenching. This whole chain of events was a series of failures that led to a senseless murder. Ibarra should never have been in the US, to begin with, and yet, he continued to get away with crime after crime without any real repercussions, until it escalated to murder.

Governor Brian Kemp, a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies, is demanding answers, and rightfully so. For years, they’ve been pleading for action to secure the southern border and transparency from the White House, but it’s all fallen on deaf ears. And now, a tragedy has struck as a result of this incompetence.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘news’ media is doing its best to downplay the entire situation, probably because it doesn’t fit their preferred political party and prized ideological narratives. The fact that the alleged murderer is an illegal immigrant is conveniently omitted in many reports, and it’s clear that they would rather bury this story because it doesn’t align with their agenda.

Sure, statistically speaking, immigrants, including illegal immigrants, are less likely to commit crimes than the general US population, but that’s beside the point here. The fact remains that Laken Riley’s alleged killer should never have been in the United States, and if the law had been properly respected and enforced, she would still be with us today. It’s an absolute travesty and a maddening outrage that highlights the catastrophic consequences of lax immigration and law enforcement policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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