Gingrich Bets Big on Trump Triumph in 2024 Race, GOP Heavyweights Agree

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is making a big bet on former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race. Despite Trump’s legal run-ins, Gingrich is confident that he will secure the Republican Party’s nomination. “You know, Ron DeSantis gets 200 people, Trump gets 7,000,” Gingrich declared on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, emphasizing Trump’s immense popularity. This, according to Gingrich, sets the stage for Trump to dominate the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses and effectively lock up the nomination by the end of February.

Gingrich also boldly predicted that Trump would emerge victorious in a potential rematch against President Joe Biden. He cited Biden’s faltering economy and lax stance on illegal immigration as vulnerabilities that Trump could exploit. “Crime is going to be a big issue. The economy’s going to be a big issue, and every one of those issues Joe Biden is going to lose,” Gingrich asserted with confidence.

Notably, Gingrich’s support for Trump is shared by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who proclaimed back in September 2023 that Trump would emerge as the nominee and has since thrown his weight behind the former president’s candidacy.

However, not everyone is on the Trump train. Potential 2024 candidate Nikki Haley has urged the Republican Party to move on from Trump, warning against an “ail-biter of an election.” Similarly, Vivek Ramaswamy has called for the selection of a fresh-faced nominee without battle scars.

Despite his strong backing from key Republican figures, Trump’s potential nomination is shadowed by legal challenges, with some states seeking to bar him from the ballot in 2024. The issue has divided voters along partisan lines, with Republicans mostly in favor of Trump’s inclusion and Democrats largely hoping he’ll be excluded. Independent voters are evenly split on the matter, with 56% supporting Trump’s presence on the ballot and 44% advocating for his removal, a new poll revealed.

As the Republican Party gears up for the Iowa caucuses, the stage is set for a contentious battle over Trump’s future role in the party and the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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