GOP Blasts Biden’s Eco-Unfriendly Dam Demolition Plans

House Republicans are taking bold action to demand transparency from the Biden administration regarding its proposal to replace four hydroelectric dams in Washington. They are deeply concerned about the negative impact this plan could have on the local environment and economy. In a letter to U.S. Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young, Reps. Cliff Bentz and Paul Gosar expressed their reservations about President Joe Biden’s proposal to breach the four Lower Snake River dams.

The Republican lawmakers argued that the dams play a crucial role in providing affordable and reliable carbon-free energy to the Pacific Northwest. They fear that removing the dams could threaten the economic stability and environmental well-being of the region. Additionally, they highlighted the potential increase in carbon dioxide emissions by 2 million to 2.6 million tons annually, a move that contradicts Biden’s goal of achieving a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. Furthermore, they warned that residents could face an 8% to 18% surge in energy bills over the next 20 years if the dams are replaced.

Rep. Bentz emphasized the irreplaceable benefits that the dams offer not only to Oregon but to the entire Western United States. He denounced the Biden administration’s decision as a direct assault on ratepayers, clean energy production, and navigation in the Northwest. The lawmakers firmly believe that the administration’s ultimate ambition is to render the Lower Snake River Dams inoperable, posing a severe threat to the region.

The Republicans are demanding pertinent information from the Biden administration to shed light on its plan to replace the dams. They expressed deep concern about the administration’s potential agenda to undermine the economic viability of the dams, paving the way for their eventual removal. Despite their efforts, the Washington Examiner’s request for comment from the Office of Management and Budget went unanswered.

House Republicans are determined to hold the Biden administration accountable for its proposal to breach the Lower Snake River dams. They are committed to protecting the region’s energy security, environmental stability, and economic prosperity from what they perceive as a direct threat from Biden’s plan. Only time will tell how this contentious issue will unfold, but for now, the battle between the two parties rages on.

Written by Staff Reports

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