GOP Candidate Warns Electronic Voting Failures Undermine Public Trust

Recent concerns about electronic voting accuracy in Puerto Rico’s primary elections have drawn comparisons to past issues in Arizona, according to GOP congressional candidate Abe Hamadeh. Hamadeh, who ran for Arizona attorney general in 2022, highlighted problems with machines incorrectly tabulating votes in both instances. This has sparked debates about the reliability of electronic voting systems and the impact on public trust in election results.

Hamadeh expressed worry about the declining faith in elections among the public, pointing to the Puerto Rico primary election where machines failed to tabulate votes properly. He also shared his own experience in the Arizona race, which was initially decided by a small margin and plagued by machine errors. These setbacks have raised concerns about the security and accuracy of electronic voting methods.

In response to the issues in Puerto Rico, the elections commission is reviewing its contract with Dominion Voting Systems after software updates led to incorrect vote calculations. While the winners of the elections were accurately identified, discrepancies in vote counts and machine errors have brought the election process under scrutiny. The commission is working to ensure that future elections maintain transparency and accuracy in reporting results.

Critics of electronic voting machines, including entrepreneur Elon Musk and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have called for a return to paper ballots to minimize the risk of hacking or interference. Musk highlighted the importance of election security and the potential vulnerabilities of electronic systems, echoing concerns raised by Kennedy and others about the need for verifiable voting methods.

Overall, the issues in Puerto Rico’s elections have reignited debates about the use of electronic voting machines and the importance of maintaining trust and transparency in the electoral process. As the debate continues, ensuring the accuracy and security of voting systems remains a key priority for election officials and candidates alike.

Written by Staff Reports

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