GOP Deep State Is DESPERATE To ‘Dump Trump’ But He Isn’t Going Anywhere

Many people have pointed the finger at Donald Trump after the November election.

Some claim that he helped fuel rumors that he was planning on a run for president before the election. He criticized Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He also claimed that Youngin's name sounded similar to that of a Chinese person.

The internet is flooded these days with posts like this:

Throughout his career, Trump has used foul language and has an outspoken style when it comes to insulting people. During his first debate against Joe Biden, he almost lost the presidency. He is now using foul language against Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. He was one of the first major Republican candidates to challenge the establishment. He exposed the Washington machine, which is also referred to as The Swamp.

Donald Trump is an enigma that brings exasperation and joy in equal measure. It's hard to forget how he managed to reinvigorate the spirits of the disillusioned and depressed Republican base, who had given up on hope after Hillary Clinton became the next president.

Despite his various controversies, Donald Trump is still expected to run for president once more. He is scheduled to make his announcement on Tuesday.
Ann Coulter has a different take. She claims that the type of language used in these posts shouldn't be seen in a family newspaper.

As Kurt Schlichter wrote Monday at our sister site Townhall:

My better half often says the exact same thing that I did in 2015. I called out after Trump questioned John McCain's bravery.
Trump was known for his ability to create a variety of dishes and serve them in an elegant manner. He also referred to Rosie O'Donnell during his time as a candidate.
“You get the good with the bad,” my wife pointed out. “Also, McCain is a political quisling and hates his own base.”

During the primary electAccording to Masters, Mitch should be removed from his position as leader of the Republican Party. It's believed that this would have caused McConnell to not campaign for Trump.

According to Schlichter, even if Trump is removed from office, the problems of the Republican Party will not go away. For instance, Mitch McConnell gave money to Lisa Murkowski during the Senate race in Alaska. Also, Blake Masters was a candidate in Arizona who could have benefited from McConnell's help.

The lack of competency and grit within the Republican Party is also a contributing factor to the party's failure to adapt to the changes that have occurred in the battlefield. One of these changes is mail-in voting. The Republicans need to learn how to use the methods of the Democrats, who have successfully gotten out the final vote before an election.

Robb Schmit, the host of Newsmax, discussed the different ways in which Republicans were not blaming Donald Trump for the horrific events that occurred on Tuesday. The media was also loving the feud between DeSantis and Trump.

At approximately the six-minute mark, Schmitt reminds us of what a game-changer Trump was:

Before Donald Trump was elected, many people believed that he was going to destroy the US government and the Republican Party. He was also planning on building something that would be more effective. After the primaries in 2016, people started to believe that Donald Trump was a wild man. Throughout his six-year presidency, he was right on target.

Without Donald Trump, the political movement would not be able to exist. Even though Ron DeSantis was a great candidate, he would most likely be a great president if the Republican Party had not been destroyed by Trump. Some people are passionate about Trump, while some are not happy with DJT. Some people are worried that he might go off the rails. As a supporter of Ron DeSantis, I can say that his performance as the Florida governor during the recent hurricane season was exceptional. He was able to successfully handle the situation, keep schools open, and fight off corporate entities.

In an article published in June, I stated that I didn't want to see a death match between DeSantis and Trump. At that time, I believed that democracy in the US should treat everyone fairly.

Despite the various criticism that he has received, Trump is still expected to bounce back. He has the support of his supporters. According to Mark Levin, the Washington DC establishment has a hard time understanding voters. They should be allowed to choose the president.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on REDSTATE.

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