Trump RIPS into Pelosi: Calls Her an “Animal” for the Impeachment Witch-hunt

At a rally in Ohio, Trump referred to House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi as an "animal" for her two votes to impeach him. The former president was criticizing the Democrats' policies on immigration and crime, which involved a member of the MS-13 gang.

He said people will condemn him for saying such a "horrible thing" about Pelosi, but he said the truth is she is an animal.

During his speech, Trump also criticized what he called the "turmoil" and "what she does to this country."

Trump was impeached by the House twice during his time in office. The first instance was in 2019 after he was investigated for allegedly threatening to stop the US' aid to Ukraine. The second one was in 2021 after he was involved in an uprising that happened in January.

His latest statement came two weeks after Paul, the husband of House Democratic leader Nancy, was seriously injured when a man entered their home in San Francisco and hit him with a hammer.

Law enforcement officials said the man, who was not identified, approached Paul and asked where Nancy was. He then planned on holding him and asking her questions.

Although both parties condemned the attack, some Republicans, including Donald Trump Jr., were criticized for making light of it.

Trump referred to the attack as a "terrible thing." On Monday, Pelosi said that the incident would affect her decision on whether she would continue serving in Congress after the midterm election.

Written by Staff Reports

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