Bumbling Joe Biden EMBARRASSES America Yet Again On World Stage

Once again, the bumbling Joe Biden makes a mistake, and this time, leaders from around the world can be seen laughing at him as he makes his most recent error.

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Dementia Joe commits yet another embarrassing gaffe for the United States of America while representing a foreign nation on a global platform. This time, he can't even remember which country he is in.

According to the Washington Examiner. During his speech at this year's ASEAN conference, it appeared as though President Joe Biden had confused the countries of Cambodia and Colombia for the second time in as many days.


On Saturday afternoon, while Vice President Biden was in Phnom Penh for the summit of Southeast Asian leaders, he had a private conversation with Prime Minister Hun Sen. Earlier, he forced the prime minister to wait "several minutes" by himself before they could have their portrait taken together. Upon his arrival, Vice President Biden disregarded questions shouted at him about China while journalists filmed him shaking hands with Chinese officials. Before they sat down to talk, Vice President Biden addressed the media and explained that the agenda would include energy, national security, and the restoration of democracy in Myanmar.

The gaffes that Biden has committed when seeking to communicate with others are by this point quite well known.

According to NBC. During the conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health that was held at the White House, President Biden inquired as to whether or not the late Representative Jackie Walorski, who sadly lost her life in a vehicle accident, was present. Jean-Pierre asserts that the President of the United States appreciated the "amazing work" that Walorski had done and was thinking about her. The information was provided by Josh Lederman of NBC News.


It is an unbelievable embarrassment that Vice President Joe Biden continues to make gaffes and get fundamental facts confused with one another. During the course of only this past week, he was able to get Cambodia and Colombia mixed up not just once, but twice. This behaviour from our nation's leader is totally wrong on every level. How could we possibly put our faith in him to make wise choices when he can't even keep track of the geographical locations of the various countries? Additionally, this is not the first time that he has made a mistake of this nature. During the previous year, he consistently referred to Myanmar as "Burma." It is very evident that President Biden either lacks the necessary skills or is suffering from senile dementia. In either case, he is not qualified to serve as the leader of our nation.

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