GOP Fumbles Biden Impeachment Push, Hunter’s Deals Not Enough!

The Washington Examiner’s Ashley Oliver made a compelling argument that House Republicans are dropping the ball when it comes to linking President Joe Biden to his son’s sketchy business deals overseas. According to Oliver, the GOP has done a decent job of showing that Hunter and James Biden cashed in big time on their family name in countries like China, Ukraine, and Romania, but they just can’t seem to nail down any direct link between the president and these business escapades.

Sure, they’ve hinted that Joe Biden may have been involved in some phone calls and meetings, but they haven’t proven that he altered U.S. policies or pocketed any money from these dodgy deals. And apparently, that’s the kind of smoking gun evidence they need to make a solid case for impeachment. Without that smoking gun, the chances of the GOP snagging a simple majority in the House to impeach Biden seem pretty darn slim. As Oliver pointed out, the Republicans’ majority in the House is as flimsy as a paper straw, and they’ll need more than just theories and suspicions to make any real headway with impeachment.

So, what’s next for the House Republicans’ impeachment crusade? Well, according to Oliver, the party is gearing up to unleash a comprehensive report of their findings from the last half a year. They might even toss out some criminal referrals if they think it’s necessary. And who knows, they might toss in a legislative package to tackle what they see as influence peddling. But before you grab your popcorn expecting a thrilling impeachment vote, know this – the GOP gang hasn’t exactly shown an appetite for that just yet.

In the midst of all this impeachment drama, Navy veteran Tony Bobulinski stepped into the spotlight during a House hearing, dishing the dirt on his past business dealings with the Biden clan. He didn’t hold back, labeling Joe Biden as a “serial liar” and throwing around some spicy allegations of public corruption. And he didn’t stop there – he even called out the president’s older bro as a guy who can’t seem to keep his lies straight, even under oath.

As if that’s not enough, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer wants to bring Biden in for a chat on Capitol Hill, and the White House isn’t having it. They slammed the idea as a “sad stunt” and suggested that maybe it’s time for Comer to call it quits with this whole impeachment ordeal. Ooh, the drama!

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