GOP Hero Ramaswamy Vows to Pardon Trump, Takes On Biden’s DOJ!

In a stunning display of courage, GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy slammed the Biden Department of Justice’s recent indictment against former President Trump. Ramaswamy, who has been one of the most vocal challengers of Trump within the Republican primary, has promised to pardon the former President if elected. Take that, Biden!

But Ramaswamy didn’t stop there. He eloquently expressed his concerns about the integrity of our democracy, stating, “We do not want to become a country where the party in power is able to use Banana Republic like tactics to eliminate its political opponents.” Bravo, Ramaswamy! It’s about time someone stands up against this political witch hunt.

And let’s not forget, Ramaswamy has skyrocketed to third place in recent polls, proving that his message resonates with the American people. Move aside, frontrunners! There’s a new conservative champion in town.

The GOP contender then made it crystal clear that Trump should not be held responsible for the events of January 6th. He emphasized that Trump explicitly called for peaceful protests and argued that blaming him for the actions of others is simply wrong. It’s refreshing to see a candidate defending the truth, unlike those Democrats who seem to have a penchant for twisting facts.

Ramaswamy didn’t hold back when discussing the role of censorship in all of this. He criticized the “pervasive, systematic censorship” that allegedly contributed to the minor riots on January 6th. And rightfully so! It’s high time we address the double standards that exist in our society, where certain groups are allowed to run rampant while others are silenced and labeled as bigots.

In a brilliant display of wit, Ramaswamy pointed out the hypocrisy of the left. He highlighted how they enforced strict lockdowns on ordinary Americans, but turned a blind eye to the destructive BLM and Antifa riots. It’s as if following the rules only applies to some, while the chosen few get a free pass. Thank you, Ramaswamy, for calling out this blatant double standard!

In conclusion, Vivek Ramaswamy has emerged as a strong conservative voice, unafraid to challenge the status quo and fight for justice. With his commitment to defending the truth and his promise to pardon Trump, Ramaswamy has proven himself to be a formidable candidate in the GOP primary. Keep fighting the good fight, Ramaswamy! The American people deserve a leader who won’t back down in the face of injustice.

Written by Staff Reports

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