GOP Launch HUGE Probe Into Hunter Biden’s Painting Sales

The House Oversight Committee, which is controlled by Republicans, launched another investigation Wednesday into the Biden family. This time, it focused on the individuals who bought Hunter Biden's art, which had reportedly been inflated due to his surname.

James Comer, the chairman of the committee, asked the owner of the gallery where the art was purchased to provide the committee with information about the individuals who bought it. He also asked the White House to provide details about the deal to conceal the identities of the buyers.

It would be very revealing if the committee was able to identify the individuals who bought Hunter's art, as some of his works were reportedly made with wet paint and blown through a straw. These high-end works of art could reportedly have been worth up to $500,000 without any strings attached.

"In a letter to Bergs, the chairman of the committee noted that the committee was investigating the Biden family's influence-peddling activities. He also asked the artist to provide the committee with information about the individuals who bought his art. The committee's investigation has raised ethical concerns, as the Biden family has reportedly profited from their public position.

Despite being a relatively new artist, Hunter Biden reportedly received several large sums of money from the sales of his work. The identities of the buyers are still unknown."

During the Republican era, the committee had asked Bergs to provide the information about the people who bought the art of Hunter Biden. However, he refused to comply and organized another show for the anonymous buyers.

"In his letter to Bergs, Comer noted that the latest works of art by Biden range in price from around $55,000 to $225,000. It is troubling that the son of the US president is being given anonymity and has no oversight or accountability regarding his transactions.

The chairman of the committee stated that the public has a right to know about the high prices that Biden's art fetched. He asked Bergs to turn over certain documents related to the investigation."

In addition to the documents related to the investigation, the committee chairman also asked Bergs to provide the committee with a transcribed interview regarding his collaboration with Biden.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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