GOP Rebels Slam McConnell’s Border Bill as Soft

Three prominent Senate Republicans are expressing doubt about their support for a border security bill championed by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Republican Conference Chairman John Barrasso has declared his opposition to the deal, stating that it falls short of securing the border according to the standards desired by most Americans. Barrasso argues that the legislation fails to end the Biden administration’s abuse of current law and leaves in place Democrat-created incentives that contribute to the ongoing crisis.


Barrasso’s stand against the border deal sets him apart from other Senate Republicans who may potentially succeed McConnell as minority leader. Senators John Thune and John Cornyn, both of whom are considering supporting the legislation, have yet to make their final decision. However, Cornyn has raised concerns and questions about the deal now that he has had a chance to review the text.

One significant provision of the border deal seeks to limit the number of illegal migrants entering the country through emergency authority, allowing them to be summarily removed once the weekly average exceeds 5,000 individuals per day. This provision expires after two weeks if the number of entries decreases to 3,750 individuals per day. Many Republicans have criticized this provision, arguing that it fails to effectively address the issue of illegal immigration.

Former President Donald Trump has also weighed in on the deal, expressing his opposition and characterizing it as a “great gift to the Democrats” and a “Death Wish for The Republican Party.” It is worth noting that both Barrasso and Cornyn have endorsed Trump’s potential 2024 campaign, further emphasizing their alignment with his conservative agenda.

House GOP leadership has joined the chorus of opposition to the legislation, with Speaker Mike Johnson declaring it “dead on arrival.” The Senate is set to vote on the national security supplemental package, which includes the border proposals, on Wednesday.

The controversy surrounding this border security bill highlights the deep divisions within the Republican Party regarding immigration policy. While some Republicans are raising concerns about the bill’s effectiveness in addressing the crisis at the border, others view it as a compromise solution. The outcome of this legislation will undoubtedly have ramifications for both the upcoming election and the future of the Republican Party. Americans are closely watching to see how their elected representatives will address the ongoing border crisis and prioritize national security.

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