GOP Rep. Exposes Biden Nominee’s Defund The Police Rhetoric

President Biden’s repetitional penchant for nominating unqualified people continues with his choice to nominate Solomon Greene for Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Given that Greene has views in favor of defunding the police, his nomination is particularly alarming as his role deals with public housing safety policy. Ranking Member Tim Scott of the Senate Banking Committee has expressed concern about the nominee’s negative views towards the police, as have two national police organizations. Scott has pointed out Greene’s hostility towards and defamatory statements about the police and his calls to divest from the police. Scott warned that if Mr. Greene is confirmed, those views may be perpetuated, damaging the relationship between the police and the public.

Screenshots have circulated on social media of some of the deleted radical tweets that Greene had posted, such as “No More Money for the Police.” He has also been identified as a co-author of the Urban Institute’s “Reimagining an Antiracist America-Starting with Our Neighborhoods,” which advocates for reversing inequities beyond the recapture of funding from policing in order to invest more equitably across neighborhoods. Several Democratic party members tried to ameliorate the issue through their opinion of Greene; however, Scott reiterated his concerns about Greene’s potential effects given the observations from several national police organizations.

Scott has also expressed his concern with Biden’s Waters of the United States (WOTUS) regulations and the potential impacts this will have on affordable housing. With the nomination of Julie Su for Secretary of Labor, there are further concerns with the choice of nominee. Despite a lack of votes, compromises may be made with Joe Manchin (D-W.V) to appease the candidate. As Su’s background and recent confirmation hearing have raised some apprehensions, she has been called the most radical and flawed nominee for Secretary of Labor in recent history by the Stand Against Su coalition. It is essential for the Senate to oppose Su’s nomination and stand up against this candidacy.

Written by Staff Reports

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