GOP Rep. Good Kicked Out of Trump Store: Drama Caught on Video!

Republican Rep. Bob Good of Virginia got the boot from the grand opening of a pro-Trump store in his district, and boy was the confrontation caught on video! It was a showdown of epic proportions, folks. The event’s organizer, former local GOP Chair Karen Angulo, let Good have it for trying to swipe the spotlight and make the whole shebang about him. Talk about some political drama, am I right?

Apparently, Good sent out some sneaky communications that made it seem like the event was all about him, featuring President Trump’s face and asking for donations. But oh no, this was Angulo’s private show, and she made it crystal clear that Good and his posse were not welcome. She even accused him of trying to use the privately-owned venue for his own campaign activities. Way to show up uninvited and try to hijack the party, Good!

And that’s not all, folks. Good’s decision to support Governor Ron DeSantis over Trump in the presidential primaries has definitely put a bee in some people’s bonnets. A Trump campaign spokesman made it clear that Good won’t be getting that sweet primary support in the next election. Ouch! Good tried to do some damage control by claiming he actually likes Trump, but come on, actions speak louder than words, am I right?

The store owner, Angulo, didn’t hold back. She called out Good for being a phony Trump supporter, revealing that he endorsed other candidates over Trump in the past. She wasn’t about to let him steal the show and make it all about himself. And she didn’t stop there. She accused Good and his team of going after local GOP chairpersons who are true blue Trump supporters. She even claimed that they were undermining the will of local committee members for Good’s own gain. Talk about some sneaky political maneuvering!

Overall, it sounds like Good’s little stunt at the pro-Trump store didn’t quite go as planned. The video of the whole ordeal sure made for some juicy political theater. Oh, the drama!

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