GOP Rumble in NC: Harrigan Leads Cash Race, Candidates Vow to Crush Leftist Agenda

In early December, U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry announced his retirement, sending shockwaves through western North Carolina’s congressional races. With the filing period closed, the U.S. House District 10 race is now a hotbed of political activity. The primary ballot for Republicans is stacked with candidates including Diana Jimison, Pat Harrigan, Greg Mills, Charles Eller, and Brooke McGowan, while Democrat Ralph Scott Jr. and Libertarian Steven Feldman have advanced to the general election.

Diana Jimison’s campaign Facebook page has thrown its support behind Brooke McGowan, who interestingly has not been listed on the Federal Election Commission campaign finance reports. McGowan is listed with zero cash on hand, which is comparable to Charles Eller. Meanwhile, Pat Harrigan reigns supreme with a hefty $503,000 in cash on hand, surpassing the sum possessed by Greg Mills.

Harrigan’s platform is nothing short of a conservative’s dream, with promises to combat inflation, reduce wasteful spending, lower taxes, and bring down energy prices. He aims for energy independence, military reinvestment, secure borders, protection of Second Amendment rights, and tougher election laws to prevent fraud.

Harrigan steadfastly defends unborn life, parental rights, women’s sports, and religious freedom. He also stands against violent crime, casinos, and gambling. As a West Point graduate and Green Beret, Harrigan has both the education and experience to back up his strong conservative values.

On the other hand, Mills, a four-term representative, boasts fiscal responsibility and a commitment to election integrity in North Carolina. He emphasizes the urgency of securing the southern border and deploying military force against drug cartels, in sharp contrast to the failed border policies of the Biden administration.

Charles Eller puts forward a platform promoting a stronger economy, fighting against indoctrination, and standing up to China. His emphasis on “Carolina values” resonates deeply with the conservative constituents in the district.

Brooke McGowan has a comprehensive 17-point plan addressing major national issues, including border security, repealing the Affordable Care Act, balancing the federal budget, and protecting children from indoctrination. Notably, her campaign website delves into the contentious topics of the 2020 election and the events of January 6, 2021, vocally opposing the mainstream narratives surrounding these events.

Finally, Diana Jimison, a registered nurse, stands resolute in her campaign pledges to hold government officials and the media accountable while voicing strong opinions on border control and economic policies. Her unwavering commitment to conservative principles is evident in her bold stances on the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the IRS, immigration, and even calling for the arrest of President Joe Biden.

The foothills of western North Carolina, encompassing Forsyth, Yadkin, Iredell, Catawba, and Lincoln counties, have historically been a Republican stronghold, ensuring an intense battle leading up to the primaries. As the mail-in absentee ballot process kicks off, and with in-person early voting on the horizon, the stage is set for a lively Republican primary election on Super Tuesday.

Written by Staff Reports

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