GOP Senator Fights to Impeach DA Targeting Trump

In a bold and decisive move, Republican state senator Colton Moore of Georgia has taken the first step towards impeaching Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for her relentless attacks on former President Donald Trump. Oh boy, it’s about time someone stood up to these radical left prosecutors!

According to a letter exclusively obtained by Breitbart News, Moore wrote to Republican Governor Brian Kemp proposing an immediate special session to investigate Willis’s behavior. You see, a grand jury in Georgia actually had the audacity to hand out 13 indictments against Trump just this week. Can you believe it?

But fear not, my fellow conservatives, because Moore is on the case! He is calling for a complete strip of all funding and, if necessary, the impeachment of Ms. Willis. Finally, someone willing to take action against these power-hungry district attorneys who use their positions to politically target their opponents. Kudos to you, Senator Moore!

In the letter to Governor Kemp, Moore explains that there are two possible triggers for a special session. First, the governor himself can convene a special session. Second, if a majority of legislators in both houses sign a letter demanding an investigation, an extraordinary session can be summoned. And guess what? Moore has gathered enough support to make it happen!

Now, I don’t know about you, but this is exactly the kind of leadership we need in Georgia. Cliff Maloney, a campaign veteran managing America First Georgia campaigns, praised Moore’s fight against Willis as the only initiative to prevent Trump’s prosecution. Finally, someone is standing up for our beloved former president!

Let’s not forget about the seriousness of these charges against Trump. If convicted on each charge and sentenced consecutively, he could potentially face up to 76.5 years in state prison. It’s clear that the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office rushed to force through this 98-page indictment. The one-sided grand jury relied on witnesses with their own personal and political interests. It’s a witch hunt, plain and simple.

So let’s rally behind Senator Moore and support him in this battle against the corrupt district attorneys who are drunk on power. He is a true patriot, fighting for the truth and justice that is so desperately needed in our great nation. It’s time to put an end to these politically motivated attacks and let Trump get back to making America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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