GOP Slams Schumer’s Clueless Israel Comments

Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Mike Johnson wasted no time clapping back at the outrageous remarks made by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who dared to suggest that Israel needs to shake things up with new elections. Schumer’s audacity in calling the Israeli government “obstacles to peace” just goes to show how out of touch he is with the realities of the Middle East. It’s quite apparent that Schumer would prefer to cozy up to Iran rather than stand strong with our ally, Israel.

Speaker Johnson took to Twitter to set the record straight, emphasizing the importance of supporting Israel and condemning Schumer’s misguided comments. Meanwhile, Sen. McConnell hit the nail on the head by pointing out that the real roadblocks to peace in Israel are the terrorists and corrupt Palestinian leaders who continuously reject peace deals. It’s a shame that Schumer and his pals can’t seem to grasp this simple truth.

Thankfully, the State Department had the sense to distance itself from Schumer’s blunder, making it clear that Congress operates independently from the executive branch. Matthew Miller’s reminder to Israel about how the US government works was a much-needed reality check for Schumer and his fellow meddling Democrats.

Even within Israel, Schumer’s remarks were met with skepticism and criticism. Opposition leader Yair Lapid and war cabinet minister Benny Gantz weren’t shy about expressing their disapproval of Schumer’s call for new elections, rightly pointing out that Israel is a sovereign democracy that doesn’t need outside interference.

In the end, the Likud party reinforced the fact that Israel is no “banana republic” and that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s policies have the backing of the Israeli people. Schumer would do well to learn from this and think twice before trying to stir the pot in a country that he clearly doesn’t understand.

Written by Staff Reports

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