GOP’s Secret Weapon: Embrace Weed Decriminalization Now!

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It’s high time for Republicans and conservatives to take a hit of reality and embrace marijuana decriminalization. While some conservative politicians are still clutching onto the outdated notion that marijuana is a diabolical drug which should be banned, the majority of Republicans are beginning to accept that it should be decriminalized. Furthermore, not doing so would result in a major political mistake.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was recently caught still opposing federal marijuana decriminalization during his campaign stop in South Carolina. In 2016, a majority of Florida voters supported a constitutional amendment allowing the use of medical marijuana for those affected with certain ailments. Despite this, DeSantis has recently changed his tune, citing his opposition to illegal drugs such as fentanyl.

However, despite his apparent concerns, a majority of Americans, including Republicans, believe that the government should decriminalize weed at the federal level. Polls indicated that 68% of Republican voters support an end to federal prohibition, with 70% supporting a state’s right to take the lead on this issue. Another poll in 2020 showed that the majority of Republicans favored Kamala Harris’ proposal on decriminalizing marijuana.

The majority of Republican voters understand that draconian marijuana laws, which have been propped up for years, are wrong on every level. The government should not be allowed to punish people for consuming or selling marijuana. It’s a plant, not a mortal enemy of the state. This should be common sense to conservatives and libertarians alike.

Take, for example, the argument that fentanyl is being added to marijuana and that it causes harm to users. While this is true, it is not the most common way people consume fentanyl. The presence of fentanyl in marijuana could be eliminated through legalization. This would lead to regulation by local and state governments who would work towards safe consumption of marijuana.

Similarly, the argument against marijuana, that it is bad for our kids, overlooks the fact that no one believes that minors should consume marijuana or any other substance which alters their mind. This is why there are laws against tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use by minors already. Decriminalization of marijuana aligns with core conservative principles of limited government intervention and individual freedom as it empowers individuals to make choices regarding their own well-being.

Additionally, decriminalizing marijuana would allow law enforcement to focus on serious crimes that harm individuals. By eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana possession, less time, money, and resources are expended on people who essentially face arbitrary and unjust legal consequences. Dedicating finite resources to actual crimes that threaten the rights of others would enhance public safety.

Finally, if Republicans want to win in the long-term, supporting marijuana decriminalization is the way to go. By doing this, they will exhibit a willingness to align themselves more closely with the mainstream views of the public and put law and order before locking up people. This will shed Republicans of their image as being more concerned with “nanny government” than they are with personal responsibility and public safety.

Moreover, it’s time Republicans grasped reality. The general public supports marijuana decriminalization, and Republicans need to wise up if they want to win future elections. It’s time to unshackle the chains of repression and recognize that liberty means people can decide for themselves what is best for them.

In conclusion, it’s time for Republicans to leave their outdated and unwarranted fears behind and support marijuana decriminalization. The government should not interfere in people’s personal morality, and the time has come for everyone to recognize that.

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Source: Red State

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