Government Cover-up? Radioactive Water Leaks from Nuclear Plant!

Yet again, another toxic incident has been swept under the rug by the government. Last November, 400,000 gallons of radioactive water poured out from the Monticello nuclear plant in Minnesota, but we’re only just hearing about it now. It’s no surprise that state officials waited to inform the public; they never want to cause a panic. But what about the residents in the area who had a right to know? Clearly, their health and safety was not a priority.

Despite industry experts stating that there was no public health threat, one has to question the transparency (or lack thereof) from the government. It seems like we’re seeing this sort of pattern again and again in the Biden administration. There are rampant domestic crises all over the place, and yet nothing is being done about it. It’s photo-ops and smoke and mirrors with no one competent enough to tackle the job at hand.

It’s not just this one incident that’s troubling: toxic rail derailments in Ohio, a banking system in chaos after the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, and planes narrowly avoiding collisions at airports; what is happening to America? And now, radioactive water being leaked, while the same government officials assure us everything is safe. But can we really trust them when they’ve also lied to the residents of East Palestine, Ohio?

Erin Brockovich, a renowned activist who has fought for the people’s right to know about environmental risks, has already spoken out about the recent noxious train crash in East Palestine, and she’s saying the same thing we are. She’s telling locals not to trust the government’s talking points about safety, even as they insist that the drinking water is safe. And given this new revelation, we can only assume that the same reaction will come regarding massive radiation leaks. It’s time to demand transparency and accountability from our elected officials before it’s too late.

Written by Staff Reports

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