Graham Targets Biden for Legal Action Over Border Chaos

Senator Lindsey Graham has come out swinging, indicating that the chaos at America’s southern border could land President Joe Biden in court—maybe even behind bars. Graham’s pointed remarks on Fox News suggest that while Democrats bicker about the Supreme Court’s ethics, they conveniently gloss over the mess Biden’s made of immigration policies.

Amid an interview with the primary focus on Democratic attempts to bring the Supreme Court to heel, the South Carolina Republican flipped the script. While the left is attacking the legitimacy of the court to distract from their failures, Graham zeroed in on Biden’s catastrophic handling of border security. The senator minced no words, arguing that Biden’s use of parole statutes to release migrants en masse is not just misguided but an outright abuse of power.

Under Biden’s watch, parole—which was meant for rare and special cases—has been handed out like candy at Halloween. Biden has allowed more than a million people into the country this way, a staggering jump from the roughly 5,600 paroles granted annually during Trump’s administration. Graham highlights cases like that of Laken Riley’s murderer, whose release from custody due to overcrowding directly challenges any notion of Biden’s competence or legality in this matter.

Graham further speculated that Biden’s legal troubles over his border policies might reach far beyond civil lawsuits. With the parolee in Riley’s case having committed grave crimes, Graham suggests that Biden himself could potentially face criminal prosecution for allowing such dangerous individuals to roam free. The specter of presidential immunity looms large here; if Biden’s lucky, it could shield him from legal consequences. But luck and legality don’t always go hand-in-hand, and Graham’s tone suggests Biden’s actions have stretched the bounds of his immunity.

Ironically, as Democrats maneuver to enforce an ethics code on the Supreme Court, perhaps they should take a hard look in the mirror. The ethical quagmire lies not within the halls of the Supreme Court but in the West Wing itself. Biden’s decisions on the border aren’t just policy failures; they may be legal liabilities.

As the debate on presidential immunity continues, it grows ever clearer that it’s not just Trump who may need its protective cloak. The real question is whether Biden can dodge accountability long enough under the guise of presidential immunity or if he’ll have to face the music for his reckless governance. The Washington Examiner reached out to the White House for a comment, but one wonders if even their spin doctors can put a positive gloss on this debacle.

Written by Staff Reports

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