Grassley Fights Tax Bill Boosting Biden, Threatens GOP Cuts!

Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa, a proud Republican, ain’t too keen on supporting no bipartisan tax bill, and he laid it all out for everyone to hear. The man straight up said he’s worried that this here bill might make ol’ President Biden look good, and heaven forbid that happens, ’cause then he might just waltz into another term in the White House.

Grassley even told them reporters that this tax bill could have Biden “mailing out checks before the election,” and you know what that means – more votes for the fella. And he made it clear as Iowa corn in July that if President Biden does get reelected thanks to this tax bill, then the Republicans in Congress won’t be extending them 2017 tax cuts. No siree!

Now, some folks might say that this bipartisan tax bill don’t actually include checks being sent to the voters, but Grassley ain’t buying it. He’s thinking about that 2021 child tax credit that sent out them checks to families, and he’s worried that history might just repeat itself.

But listen here, despite what Grassley thinks, the House went ahead and passed this tax bill, called the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act, with a whopping 357-70 vote. That’s a whole lot of folks backing it, but Grassley ain’t the only one stirring the pot. Senator Mike Crapo, also a Republican, is saying there’s a heap of issues with this bill that still need sorting out before it becomes law.

So, while the House might be all giddy about this bill, it looks like there’s still some rough waters ahead for this tax bill in the Senate. But you can bet your bottom dollar that Grassley and his Republican pals ain’t gonna let no bill slide through that might make President Biden look good!

Written by Staff Reports

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