Biden’s Ohio Visit: Too Little, Too Late for Political Gain?

President Biden’s upcoming visit to East Palestine, Ohio, following a devastating toxic train derailment last year has ruffled some feathers, including that of lifelong resident and local businessman, DJ Yokley. Yokley, a no-nonsense Ohio man, implied that President Biden’s visit is simply political posturing and electioneering, and likely too little, too late, and a transparent attempt to sway voters.

According to Yokley, it seems like a convenient time for Biden’s visit, with the 2024 election on the horizon and his poll numbers looking rather bleak. He pointed out that former President Donald Trump visited the area shortly after the derailment, providing support, while the current administration appeared to have shown minimal interest until now.

Yokley raised concerns about the lack of federal support and the unanswered questions surrounding the long-term effects of the chemical spill, leading to some residents and business owners feeling unsafe and reluctantly leaving the area. He also noted the resilience of the East Palestine residents, acknowledging the support from state and local efforts as well as donations from ordinary Americans.

In an unconventional move, Yokley used a football analogy, comparing the criticism faced by the Detroit Lions coach to the lack of backlash faced by President Biden for not visiting the community amidst the disaster. He also highlighted the impact of the disaster on local business, as many had to adapt or close due to the absence of timely support from the federal government.

Additionally, former President Trump expressed his skepticism about Biden’s visit, suggesting that it’s a political maneuver by the current administration to gain political credibility amidst their numerous failings. Furthermore, the Western Journal, known for its conservative stance, urged its readers to support their fight against Big Tech and the America-hating left, emphasizing the need to stand together against those seeking to undermine the country.

So, while President Biden’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio is welcomed by some, including the local mayor, there are clear undertones of political maneuvering and a lack of timely support from the federal government, as expressed by Yokley and echoed by former President Trump and the Western Journal’s plea for support against the perceived America-hating left.

Written by Staff Reports

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