Greene Rejects US Military Aid to Israel – Find Out Why!

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene declared on Sunday, in an audacious move, that she will abstain from casting a vote in support of any fresh foreign aid, including that which Israel receives to combat Hamas. The Georgia conservative outspoken is causing a stir within her party, potentially prompting other conservatives to reconsider their backing of the longstanding ally of the United States in light of the escalating national debt.

Greene declared on the online platform X, "As I have done since the beginning, I will vote NO on all funding packages for the Ukraine war and, now, the Israel war." She cited the over 10 million individuals who have crossed the border illegally since President Biden assumed office as evidence, in addition to the staggering national debt of more than $33 trillion. As per her assertion, addressing these urgent matters supersedes the provision of aid to foreign countries.

Conservatives are opposing President Biden's request for more than $100 billion in supplemental spending on foreign aid programs, including those for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and humanitarian aid along the U.S.-Mexico border. They declare that their endorsement of foreign policy funding is contingent upon its presentation in discrete, independent legislation. Greene emphasized this point further by stating, "The United States government must prioritize the expenditure of hard-earned tax dollars from American citizens on our nation and must serve the American people, NOT the rest of the world."

Greene clarified that although she declined to support new assistance packages, she did cast a vote in support of condemning the Israeli and Ukrainian attacks. She made it plain, however, that she will not support the use of tax dollars to finance wars defended against foreign borders while the security of the nation's borders is at risk. Greene's unmistakable resistance to foreign aid is compelling her political party to reassess its position and realign its attention towards domestic issues.

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