Greene Torches Biased BBC Host at Trump Bash!

In a fiery clash at Mar-a-Lago, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) let ex-BBC newsreader Emily Maitlis have it after being asked about Jewish space lasers. Maitlis, known for her biased and left-leaning questions, dared to quiz the congresswoman at Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday victory party. The nerve of her!

The exchange began with Maitlis prodding about the message for Nikki Haley, to which Greene deftly redirected to promoting President Trump. But Maitlis wouldn’t let up, and she had the audacity to ask if Greene could potentially be Trump’s running mate. Greene, of course, shut down that suggestion, making it clear that Nikki Haley was not the one for the job.

Then came the kicker, with Maitlis taking an unexpected turn, accusing Greene and Trump supporters of loving conspiracy theories. The nerve! Greene hit back with the truth, calling out the left and the media for spreading more conspiracy theories and reaffirming their dedication to the Constitution and America First. But Maitlis didn’t stop there. Oh no, she decided to take a jab at the Jewish space lasers, to which Greene, with her trademark candor, put Maitlis in her place and firmly told her to, well, you know.

The audacity of Maitlis to try and question a staunch defender of American values like Rep. Greene! It’s clear that Greene stood her ground and put that biased journalist in her place. Keep fighting the good fight, Rep. Greene!

Written by Staff Reports

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