Gutfeld DESTROYS Geraldo Over Biden’s Greenhouse Gas Plan

On Wednesday, President Biden once again demonstrated how out of touch he and his administration are with the American public. The President announced a new plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions, which includes a focus on increasing the production of electric vehicles. This plan, however, blatantly favors electric vehicles, which are currently unaffordable for many American families and have severely limited range.

The proposal has been met with criticism and concern from leading voices in the conservative movement, including Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. He recently clashed with Geraldo Rivera on air, calling out the liberal activist for his hypocrisy and inability to understand the everyday struggles facing working-class Americans.

“Who has to pay for the charging stations? Our audience! Who has to pay for the transition from gas to electric stoves? Our audience!” Gutfeld passionately explained. “You have to bear the brunt of your beliefs, and you don’t because you can afford an EV Bentley!”

Gutfeld is absolutely right. This new plan fails to take into account the economic realities facing millions of Americans. Not everyone can afford to buy a new electric car, let alone pay for the costly infrastructure required to support it. The President’s plan will further drive a wedge between the have and have-nots, making it even harder for ordinary Americans to get by.

The Biden administration likes to claim that they are working for the people, but their actions speak louder than words. This proposal does nothing to address the critical issues impacting real Americans, such as skyrocketing gas prices and the need for good-paying jobs. Instead, it is just another attempt by the far-left to push their radical agenda and turn our country into a socialist utopia.

In conclusion, it is time for the American people to wake up and recognize that the Biden administration is not on their side. The radical left is determined to destroy our country and bring us down to their level. We must stand together and fight against this disastrous proposal before it is too late. The future of our country is at stake.

Written by Staff Reports

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